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Lord of the Rings MSTings' Journal

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Wednesday, January 18th, 2006
10:35 pm


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Saturday, October 29th, 2005
10:32 pm


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Monday, July 11th, 2005
6:24 pm

*kicks the community*


Come on people, where is everybody? Let's do something, I'm bored.

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Sunday, May 8th, 2005
10:29 am

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Saturday, May 7th, 2005
6:12 pm - *waves wildly*


Hi-ho!!!  *bows*  Greetings, from Madame Mervin and Mistress Hyde, MSTers of bad Mary Sue fiction in Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and The Matrix.  But, as this is only Lord of the Rings, I give you the first chapter of one of our LotR sporkings!

Presenting, in person, that horribly Sue-ish barrel of crap, CARADIEN!!!Collapse )

For the rest of our MST, go here.  Feel free to browse anything else you like.  We aren't just sporkers of badfic--we write essays and litmus tests, too.

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Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
2:43 pm - newbie

hi, my name's Des and I'm new to the community. I was wondering if everyone quietly left or if the mstings were continuing?

I've been reading the backdated msting of FotR and one particular comment inspired me to make an icon. ::giggles incessantly:: Feel free to take it, but it's not very good as I'm pretty new hat at making icons.

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Thursday, October 7th, 2004
8:39 pm

Okay, like, I know it's been forever, but...

Anyone have any TTT MSTing parts done? Anyone still interested? Dare I ask?

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Friday, September 3rd, 2004
3:24 pm

Thought you might enjoy this also.

mollyringwraith and mollyringwraith have some really great lj icons combining LOTR & MST3k. This one, for example, brings together the wonders that are Legolas and Rowsdower.

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Thursday, September 2nd, 2004
3:39 pm - LOTR in MST3K

To deviate slightly from the intents of this site, yet at the same time I think appealing to y'all,

Does anyone want to talk about the huge amount of Lord of the Rings references in the actual Mystery Science Theaters themselves?

Just some example movies:

Cave Dwellers
Parts: the Clonus Horror
Quest of the Delta Knights

I'd be interested in more. I wish I'd kept better track of them all as I watched, but I'm starting to now. Any thoughts?

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Sunday, August 29th, 2004
1:01 pm - My first MST!

Hey all, I'm new here, but I'm doing an MST of the badfic "All Soul's Night" (and yes I know the apostrophe is in the wrong place). It features my MST/PPC crew, Team Phoenix, and their struggle to survive one of the worst fics I've ever seen. Partially posted on my site, GreenCat3.tk.



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Tuesday, August 24th, 2004
1:21 pm

PO-TA-TOES! boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew.


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Sunday, April 18th, 2004
10:02 pm - Too long have I put this off

Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys (and girls).

The Two Towers: MSTed Version, pt. 1

Read more...Collapse )

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Friday, February 27th, 2004
7:28 pm - Wake up, sleepies!

I said I'd check in on Feb. 27, and it is Feb. 27 today (perhaps already the 28th where some of you are). Anyway. Anybody done yet? I admit that I'm not quite finished with my own small parts yet. I very much doubt we're all done, but I want to get some kind of idea. Check in, please!

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Saturday, February 14th, 2004
12:38 am - *Shakes everyone awake*.

Oi! Where is everybody?

So..I've been working on the parts that I have (I figured that since I had the second part I'd had better finsh it as quickly as possible to go up after the first one)...the first part going up soon or what? *Grins*, I don't want to be too pushy, but this is more of a "I'm-wondering-how-things-are-going" rather than a "Hurry-up-this-is-taking-so-long" as it might seem to be.

Also just to post here in case people might have slightly...forgotten about this? For lack of a better word...

*Toddles off*.

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Sunday, February 1st, 2004
1:37 am

'Ello! Wanted to pop in and say how much I loved the FOTR MSTing and how much I'm looking forward to the TTT version. :D

I made a slew of icons from the FOTR version and they can be found in the first few posts in my icon journal, smapdicons. Enjoy!

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Friday, January 30th, 2004
2:32 pm

Hey Everyone!

At this point all the parts for the MSTing of TTT have been claimed, except for 10. If anyone wants it, speak up. Otherwise I'll take it.
A few things:

1. Please try and keep the content of this MSTing at about PG-13 level (occasional mild swearing and inneuendo is all right).
2. I'd like everyone to use the characters Mike, Tom and Crow (as opposed to other characters) in the MSTing please. For consistency's sake. You don't have to be an expert on the TV show, but it might help to check it out. Many video stores have tapes and DVDs to rent.
3. I don't want to set a deadline, but let's aim for being done, or mostly done, by Feb. 27. That's four weeks. Let me know if this is going to be a problem. I don't want to rush anyone.
4. If you can't finish your sections, or don't want to do this anymore, PLEASE infom us, either by making a public post or by emailing me. Your parts can go to those who want them. First come, first served! If I don't hear from you after a reasonable amount of time your parts may be given to someone else.
5. When you're done with your parts, please email them to me and I'll store them, format them (if nescessary) and post them in order of the movie. If they still need work, we can pass them around.

Thanks everyone who's participating! Have fun!!


Questions? Comments?

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Monday, January 12th, 2004
12:07 pm - YO

Hey, I'm still wanting to do the TTT MSTing. Anyone still with me? I haven't really heard from the people who said they wanted to help. Banazir? Evadrad?

I'm working on it but I can't do it all by myself. C'mon, let's do this!

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Thursday, December 4th, 2003
5:10 pm

Right now I have the TTT script divided into 20 parts; I'm working on the intro right no. Here are the rest:

Read more...Collapse )

Those of you who want to help, please tell me which sections you want, and I'll email them to you.

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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003
3:11 pm

We're starting up a new MSTing for the Two Towers. If anyone wants to help, please comment!

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Wednesday, September 24th, 2003
7:56 pm - Last part of Fellowship

Here's the last part of FoTR, guys. I'd just like to thank everyone for reading and commenting and spreading the word about this community. I do plan on continuing with the Two Towers, but I'm moving tomorrow to a new college, so I might be slow about writing/posting it. I'd like to remind everyone once again that this is an open community, and whoever is a member can post. Don't hold back now! Mst, mst, my pets! If you don't like msting, then kindly find someone who does, and drag them over here. Thank ya.

The end!!Collapse )

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