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Hi-ho!!!  *bows*  Greetings, from Madame Mervin and Mistress Hyde, MSTers of bad Mary Sue fiction in Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and The Matrix.  But, as this is only Lord of the Rings, I give you the first chapter of one of our LotR sporkings!

Presenting, in person, that horribly Sue-ish barrel of crap, CARADIEN!!!Collapse )

For the rest of our MST, go here.  Feel free to browse anything else you like.  We aren't just sporkers of badfic--we write essays and litmus tests, too.

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hi, my name's Des and I'm new to the community. I was wondering if everyone quietly left or if the mstings were continuing?

I've been reading the backdated msting of FotR and one particular comment inspired me to make an icon. ::giggles incessantly:: Feel free to take it, but it's not very good as I'm pretty new hat at making icons.


To deviate slightly from the intents of this site, yet at the same time I think appealing to y'all,

Does anyone want to talk about the huge amount of Lord of the Rings references in the actual Mystery Science Theaters themselves?

Just some example movies:

Cave Dwellers
Parts: the Clonus Horror
Quest of the Delta Knights

I'd be interested in more. I wish I'd kept better track of them all as I watched, but I'm starting to now. Any thoughts?
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My first MST!

Hey all, I'm new here, but I'm doing an MST of the badfic "All Soul's Night" (and yes I know the apostrophe is in the wrong place). It features my MST/PPC crew, Team Phoenix, and their struggle to survive one of the worst fics I've ever seen. Partially posted on my site,


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