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Right now I have the TTT script divided into 20 parts; I'm working on the intro right no. Here are the rest:

2: Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli track Merry and Pippin.
3. Orcs and M. and P. ; Aragorn and co. meet Eomer.
4. M. and P.'s escape.
5. Dead marshes
6. Aragorn and Co. meet Gandalf
7. Sam and Frodo at Black Gate.
8. Gandalf and Co. in Edoras.
9. Leaving for Helms Deep.
10. Frodo, Sam and Gollum meet Faramir
11. On the way to Helms Deep; Aragorn's flashback about Arwen.
12. Warg attack.
13. Saruman releases army; Elrond and Arwen in Rivendell.
14. Frodo and Co. questioned by Faramir at Henneth Anun.
15. More of the same, plus Helms Deep stuff.
16. Beginning of Entmoot; Elves arrive at Helms Deep.
17. Battle of Helms Deep/Entmoot
18. More Helms Deep fighting.
19. Osgiliath/Helms Deep
20. Ents storm Isengard/ Frodo and Sam go on their way/general ending.

Those of you who want to help, please tell me which sections you want, and I'll email them to you.
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