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Hey, I'm still wanting to do the TTT MSTing. Anyone still with me? I haven't really heard from the people who said they wanted to help. Banazir? Evadrad?

I'm working on it but I can't do it all by myself. C'mon, let's do this!
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I'll help!

~ freckles
Cool! Okay, when you want you can check out the description of the sections that I think is the post below this one, and you can tell me which one(s) you want to do.
I have a few ideas and have now watched the TTT SEE DVD (I don't have the theatrical edition, but I have the card that tells us what the added and modified scenes are).

Okay, good to see you're still interested. Let me know when you wanna start. :)



January 13 2004, 01:48:33 UTC 15 years ago

im still here. workin on my parts. id like to see what youve got so far though. maybe itll help motivate me. evadtwo@yahoo.com
Am here to take the stuff I want (WANT THEM ALL, PRECIOUS! *Winks*).

2, 3, 17 to 20. Right, this is very, very hard for me to decide for some reason, I really like them all...so this is after contemplating very hard on everything and really trying my best not to take them all. Actually, the only reason I've said all of 17 to 20 is pretty much because they're all sort of the same scenes and so I figure it should have one person do them. But I also really want to do the first bits. *Internal conflict*. Anyhow, if I've taken too much don't hesitate to yell and I will let go of some.
Ok just adding that if maybe I can take 4 as well, it'd be nice. I just realised that it might be slightly odd for someone to have to do just 4 because it's a bit out of place there at the moment, and I also like that scene...and so if no one feels I'm being too grabby, maybe...just poke me otherwise, and I'll be quiet *grins*.
Okay, could you provide me with an email address for me to send those to you? you can email me at pacific_starfish82@yahoo.com if you don't want to post it.
I wanna help, I wanna help, I'm just not feeling funny right now. But send me any two or three parts that no one else wants. Especially anytime the Uruk-hai are about to attack, gallows humor totally works now that I'm facing enabling and shit. And thanks for sending me part 1! I'll email you, too, I was just feeling left out.

I'll take 13 and 14, for now.
I haven't posted here before, but I'd be interested in helping if you need it ...
I'd love it if you helped. Right now the only ones unclaimed are 7, 10 and 15. What's your pleasure?
I'll take 7 and 15 if that's okay. =D

email = arwen_elvenfair@hotmail.com
I'll take 8, 11, 12, and 16. My e-mail is emilee.waugh@comcast.net.