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Hey Everyone!

At this point all the parts for the MSTing of TTT have been claimed, except for 10. If anyone wants it, speak up. Otherwise I'll take it.
A few things:

1. Please try and keep the content of this MSTing at about PG-13 level (occasional mild swearing and inneuendo is all right).
2. I'd like everyone to use the characters Mike, Tom and Crow (as opposed to other characters) in the MSTing please. For consistency's sake. You don't have to be an expert on the TV show, but it might help to check it out. Many video stores have tapes and DVDs to rent.
3. I don't want to set a deadline, but let's aim for being done, or mostly done, by Feb. 27. That's four weeks. Let me know if this is going to be a problem. I don't want to rush anyone.
4. If you can't finish your sections, or don't want to do this anymore, PLEASE infom us, either by making a public post or by emailing me. Your parts can go to those who want them. First come, first served! If I don't hear from you after a reasonable amount of time your parts may be given to someone else.
5. When you're done with your parts, please email them to me and I'll store them, format them (if nescessary) and post them in order of the movie. If they still need work, we can pass them around.

Thanks everyone who's participating! Have fun!!


Questions? Comments?
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