l’amor che muove il sole a l’altre stelle (saphreanth) wrote in lotr_msting,
l’amor che muove il sole a l’altre stelle

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*Shakes everyone awake*.

Oi! Where is everybody?

So..I've been working on the parts that I have (I figured that since I had the second part I'd had better finsh it as quickly as possible to go up after the first one)...the first part going up soon or what? *Grins*, I don't want to be too pushy, but this is more of a "I'm-wondering-how-things-are-going" rather than a "Hurry-up-this-is-taking-so-long" as it might seem to be.

Also just to post here in case people might have slightly...forgotten about this? For lack of a better word...

*Toddles off*.
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