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Wake up, sleepies!

I said I'd check in on Feb. 27, and it is Feb. 27 today (perhaps already the 28th where some of you are). Anyway. Anybody done yet? I admit that I'm not quite finished with my own small parts yet. I very much doubt we're all done, but I want to get some kind of idea. Check in, please!
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*checks in*
Not done yet, but I have started. *thank goodness* Misty-muse is being a jerk.
*checks out*

From Sicily


March 5 2004, 15:25:46 UTC 15 years ago

Not done, either. Apparently the community Misty Muse is on vacation, 'cause I've been having a hard time.
How're things going, are we still on? This was a post from a VERY long time ago obviously, but I've no idea what's happened at the moment, so I just figured I'd ask here...
Hey! Yeah, I really don't know at this time. I probably haven't been pushy enough, but I've been so consumed by various things lately. I'm hoping things will settle down soon, because I'm still real interested in finishing this thing. The last one took forever too, and probably got done no thanks to me. I promise you I have not abandoned this project! :) Have you finished? I'm so happy you're still interested; I'm not sure about everyone else!
I am still interested, but a lot of things came up and I have to admit I did sort of forget about it for a while. Heh...but then, the other day I was clearing out some odd files in my folders, and I found this half worked on MST of mine, and started working on it again, and I think I might have actually nearly finished it! *Grins*, almost anyhow...

So yes, perhaps with a little more time and pushing we should be able to start to get this thing back on it's feet?