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To deviate slightly from the intents of this site, yet at the same time I think appealing to y'all,

Does anyone want to talk about the huge amount of Lord of the Rings references in the actual Mystery Science Theaters themselves?

Just some example movies:

Cave Dwellers
Parts: the Clonus Horror
Quest of the Delta Knights

I'd be interested in more. I wish I'd kept better track of them all as I watched, but I'm starting to now. Any thoughts?
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back when it originally aired, i was only familiar with the hobbit. i had checked out the lord of the rings from my middle school library and about 80 pages in there was a rather large chunk missing, so i never got around to reading it. but now that the movies have come out, and i'm rewatching lots and lots of old eps of mst3k thanks to the digital archive project, i'm noticing a hell of a lot.

there's a pretty good section in episode 703-deathstalkers and the warriors from hell:

[Servo, handing Mike a ring] There ya go, Mike. Got a wild hare, and forged us up a ring of power. You know, one ring to rule us all, one ring to, uh, find us; one ring to bring us all, and, uh, in the darkness, um...
[Mike] Bind us.
[Servo] Yeah, bind us.
[Mike puts on the ring]
[Servo] Great, great, just don't wear it around any Nazgûl, but you probably know that. And, if you have any questions, I'll be over here forging up those seven rings for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone!

and of course, the classic from cave dwellers:
[Crow] Jeez! *Tolkien* couldn't follow this plot!

that one makes me laugh till i hurt.

i think the only thing left that is often referenced in mst3k that i'm not fairly familiar with is frank zappa and the mothers of invention.

reposted due to the fact that lj thought my screenplay format was html code
There were a few jokes I liked in Deathstalker centering around the old wizard guy...

"I should be playing canasta with Saruman."
"I've got to write Radagast, he'd never believe this!"

Basically your best bet is the old sword n sorcery type movies they did, those always seem to have the most references. I know Time of the Apes had a couple at the end.
I think it's in the atomic brain
"Hey Gandalfs down there!"
In Merlin's Mystical Shop of Wonders, there are pretty consistent references to Gandalf (since it IS Merlin we're talking about!) but I think my fave was an "away, shadowfax!" that was cried out. There might have been an ent reference in there somewhere, too.

I own it; I should just watch it again.

I'm also pretty sure there are some Gandalf references in quest of the delta knights.